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• Go Green with SRM
• SRM makes the Concept of Green World a Reality
• Realize the Concept of Green World with SRM
• Green IT- What, Why and How

The warning signs of global warming and its economic implications are here for everyone to see. But are we ready to make the change? Even though the eco-benefits of Green IT initiatives are very much obvious not all enterprises are ready to take the plunge unless and until the ROI of green initiatives are well proven.

What really is Green IT?

Considering the economical and environmental implications of rising greenhouse gas emissions, it became highly imperative to come up with a strategy that would make the concept of green world and green economy a reality. And IT industry being one of the major contributors decided to take the initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions considerably. That’s how the concept of Green IT was born. Green IT is nothing but developing effective strategies to use computer, servers, and other subsystems efficiently and thereby making it environment friendly. With Green IT, enterprises hope to realize the dream of a green planet by devising logical and sensible ways to design, manufacture, use and dispose computers, servers and other resources.

Why is it needed?

Green IT is inevitable in today’s circumstances since enterprises and organizations are reeling under rising energy demands, increasing costs, diminishing power and space, disruptive IT services, environmental issues, and stricter government regulations. What they need is a solution that can address these concerns suitably and their search ends with Green IT.

How we do it?

1. SRM' "Green" Initiatives

SRM Technologies is and has been doing in its own small efforts to reduce the effects of the unethical use of energy of all forms. It had invested on researches for more effective energy consumption long before green IT received its much deserved attention. Through recycling, flexible work timings, teleconferencing, virtualization, and so on, SRM has been implementing green IT initiatives within its organization and the results are highly encouraging.

2. SRM' "Green" Expertise

SRM is a one-stop source for end-to-end solutions and services that span from Product Engineering, Enterprise Transformation Services, Custom Application Services, Enterprise Application Services to IT Infrastructure Services. SRM’s team of well-experienced professionals has the technical know how and expertise to build green IT applications that would result not only in effective energy utilization but also in cost savings. This eventually translates into greater productivity and enhanced ROI.

3. SRM's Core "Green" Services

IT System Design SRM offers innovative eco-friendly designs that help to reduce the use of natural resources to the bare minimum and thereby attain environmental objectives.

IT Infrastructure System Design
SRM adopts new eco-friendly technologies in order to cut down manufacturing and operational costs thereby saving energy, materials, and resources.

Integrated Facilities Design
SRM involves experts early in the process while designing facilities so that there is proper utilization of space, energy, and resources.

Business Process and System Design
Being environmentally conscious, SRM understands the ineffectiveness of the traditional formulas for energy conservation. Therefore, it has devised innovative and effective policies, strategies, and procedures that can be implemented within organizations and enterprises to realize the concept of green IT.

Ecological Footprint Evaluation
SRM offers evaluation services that help organizations and enterprises to assess the amount of energy and resources wasted so that effective and realistic strategies can be implemented to conserve energy.

Eco-Friendly Purchases for IT Systems
SRM provides help and assistance in purchasing green IT products.

IT Education Programs
SRM organizes education programs, workshops, webinars, and conferences to educate people regarding green IT, government regulations, and eco-friendly IT products.